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News from Uplands Elementary School

News from Grasslands

Great Programs, Great Rewards


We are excited to continue our work with The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Each month we will be focusing on a new habit. These habits help our students learn the life skills and characteristics that will help them lead a happy and successful life.

Drama Club

Are you in grades 4-6? Do you enjoy acting, hamming it up or being in the spotlight? If so, Drama Club has a spot for you! After weeks of fun and practice, we will perform for the school and for your families.


The Uplands Glee Club is a singing group for grade 4-6 students that primarily focuses on pop-based songs. We focus on building friendships across grades that share a passion for music and continue to grow outside of our GLEE practices. We will culminate our year of hard work and dedication to our music through a year-end talent show.

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